St. Paul Public School graduate, parent, special education advocate, national home visit trainer, and Board of Education Chair

  • Focused on informed, community-centric governance: determining what needs to be done by listening and being present at schools and in community

  • Committed to building an inclusive district: lifting up all students, addressing racial disparities, and ensuring students in special ed get the resources they need to succeed

  • Collaborative leader: worked with the board to conduct a nationwide search & hire a new superintendent; shift school start times; improve, update, and create district policy; and pass the 2018 school funding referendum

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"Bringing new energy to old problems"


 I am committed to:

  • Good governance: our board has to be able to function and do its job — it has to be ready to face challenges.

  • Communication: the better we are at this, the more transparent we are — we need to constantly strive to improve how we are involving the community, how we are letting folks know what’s happening in our schools. We need to fully engage families.

  • Supporting youth leadership: we need to develop better ways of engaging youth, we need to exercise more creativity in how we build relationships and gather input on the district’s work.

  • Being present in schools: to make good decisions, I need to know the communities in each of our schools — it’s important that we understand the individual needs that they have.

  • Moving student achievement: we have to address racial disparities as a district and improve outcomes. We have to evaluate what it mean for our students to have a SPPS education. We do this work through accountability, the strategic plan, and evaluation of the superintendent.

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"Making the best decisions I can with the information I have"


Proudly Endorsed by:

AFSCME Council 5

St. Paul Building & Construction Trades

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

Former MN House Majority Leader Erin Murphy

St. Paul Councilmembers Mitra Jalali Nelson, Chris Tolbert, & Amy Brendmoen

St. Paul Board of Education Directors Jeannie Foster, Jon Schumacher, Marny Xiong, & John Broderick

MN Representative Kaohly Her

MN Senator Foung Hawj

Ramsey County Commissioner Trista Matascastillo

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